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Лого Westbound: Pioneer Adventure

Westbound: Pioneer Adventure


Скриншот Westbound: Pioneer Adventure №1Скриншот Westbound: Pioneer Adventure №2Скриншот Westbound: Pioneer Adventure №3Скриншот Westbound: Pioneer Adventure №4

Westbound: Pioneer Adventure - постройте свой город, соблюдая правила дикого запада.

Your wagon has broken down on its quest to Oregon! Now you're stranded in an uncharted canyon with a motley crew of settlers.

Pioneer, it's time to build a civilization in this uncharted Oregon frontier and turn it into your own thriving boomtown! Saddle up your horse and come along!

Lost treasure and unknown romance await as you mine the uncharted canyon, discover lost, ancient mysteries, and create a booming pioneer civilization!



Things you can do in this Oregon adventure:
● Build a frontier boomtown civilization;
● Tend to your western ranch with your comrades and horses;
● Explore the uncharted frontier;
● Find lost treasures;
● Solve ancient mysteries in this quest to the Oregon frontier!
● Grow your boomtown in this unknown land.

Trailsweeper! The newest thing to hit the West!
● Discover new trails as you travel to Chicago, Denver, St. Louis, and More!
● Collect your rewards and upgrade the new General Store!
● Tons of undiscovered maps and new gameplay included!

Android 2.2 и выше

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