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Лого Traitor - Valkyrie plan

Traitor - Valkyrie plan


Скриншот Traitor - Valkyrie plan №1Скриншот Traitor - Valkyrie plan №2Скриншот Traitor - Valkyrie plan №3Скриншот Traitor - Valkyrie plan №4

Traitor - Valkyrie plan - игрушка относящаяся к жанру "Экшн" и во многом напоминающая такие знаменитые хиты, как "Медаль за отвагу" и "Вольфенштейн".

Traitor is a first-person shooter (fps) game for mobile devices and tablets. The game emplies stealth, disguise, hand-to-hand assassinations. A Hitman -style game for mobile devices and tablets, fps that you’ve never experienced before on Mobile!

The game tells the story of desperate renegade German Army officer and his plot against Hitler during World War II. Badly wounded in North Africa, colonel Claus decide to become a hitman. Based on a true story known as the "July Plot". With a strong passion for fps gaming, we made it run perfectly on your Android device.



- Realistic weapon movements and firing.
- Realistic graphics with more sophisticated lightings.
- Dynamic and realistic character movements.
- Ongoing updates to deliver new features and content.

You can’t miss this intense WW2 FPS action shooter game!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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