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Лого Stay On Wheels

Stay On Wheels


Скриншот Stay On Wheels №1Скриншот Stay On Wheels №2Скриншот Stay On Wheels №3

Stay On Wheels - пройдите как можно дальше, оставаясь при єтом на колесах.

Stay on Wheels is a very special 2D game and we promise you that you can't find second one like this. The uniqueness of this game is not it's gameplay or design or user interface but the unexpected mystery. Just keep in mind one hint - be very attentive while playing!

This game is as easy as a pie. You tap left - car rotates left, you tap right - car rotates right. Though the easiness of the game it is getting harder to be alive. You need to gain some skills to be able to touch the ground with the wheels, so basically the goal of the game is to Stay on Wheels!

Android 2.3 и выше

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