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Лого Star Maze

Star Maze


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Star Maze - исследуй космические пространства в поисках звезд. Красивая логическая игрушка на андроид.

In StarMaze You will explore cosmic locations to find stars.
Your main role is to move meteorites on map so that they form a path to the stars.
You plan your route, but be careful: Your every movement is crucial.
With this game you have the opportunity to educate your mind in a new way.

In Full version:
★ No Ads;
★ Puzzles - 75 specially prepared maps that you mobilize creative thinking;
★ Survival - get as many stars traveling the random maps where time is your enemy;
★ Survival for kids - simplified version, designed for the youngest players;
★ Google Play Service - compete with Your friends to get highest score.



Future plans:
☆ Add new packs of puzzles;
☆ Add special items-addons: extra actions or extra time bonus;
☆ Add teleportations: for fast movement.

Android 2.3 и выше

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