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Лого Spell Siege

Spell Siege


Скриншот Spell Siege №1Скриншот Spell Siege №2Скриншот Spell Siege №3Скриншот Spell Siege №4

Защищаем замок магом.

The Dark Wizard has returned and the kingdom is in danger! Spell Siege is like a tower defense game doing high fives with Missile Command. Play as a young wizard tasked with defending the kingdom from the evil encroaching forces of the Dark Wizard. Spell Siege's intuitive controls put the player in the driver's seat of a single tower.

With the flick of your thumb, launch a bolt of magic from your wand to slay skeletons, zombies, ogres, and more. Collect their gold and use it to purchase upgrades and new magic spells across four elements, each with different abilities to use to keep up the defense. Conjure up magical fireballs, meteors, ice beams, earthquakes, tornadoes, and more! Slay their bosses and save the kingdom!

Is this the end of all things good? Or will you be the wizard to banish evil once and for all?


♛ 30 stages including 5 epic boss fights;
▲ 20 spells and upgrades;
✔ 8 evil monster types to blap;
✔ 3 difficulty settings;
☺ 1 good sense of humor.

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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