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Лого Specular



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Specular - неплохой аркадный шутер на андроид.

Specular is a arcade twin stick shooter inspired by Waves, with swarming enemies, lots of insane power-ups, ridiculous combos, glowing graphics and pounding music! The game gives you a fast paced short term experience perfect for mobile gaming, pick up and play! Wield ludicrous fire-power, trigger colourful explosions on your screen and experience a both fun and beautiful game! This project has allowed us to learn about game design and production, and is a completely free must download with no ads!

- An awesome soundtrack from Daeron and Warriyo;
- 8 different enemies;
- 11 powerful power-ups that will allow you to unleash hell!
- Cool glowy graphics that take full advantage of a 1080p screen;
- Optional facebook friend high-scores;
- Static and Dynamic control options.

The game uses your facebook accounts friend list to fetch and store your and your friends highscores on facebooks servers. We will never post anything or otherwise misuse your facebook details.

Android 2.2 и выше

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