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Лого Space Racing 3D

Space Racing 3D


Скриншот Space Racing 3D №1Скриншот Space Racing 3D №2Скриншот Space Racing 3D №3Скриншот Space Racing 3D №4

Space Racing 3D почувствуйте стихию гонок за пределами зоны влияния гравитации.

Jump to the space, no more restrictions of gravity or any real world racing limitations. Upgrade your spaceship now, burn up the space with the fastest and most exhilarating racing action!


- Stunning real 3D graphics;
- 3 game modes: Career, Chase, Survival;
- 40+ race tracks;
- 6 different spacecrafts to choose from and upgrade;
- Online leaderboards and Facebook connect;
- Space-station, Alien-world, Union-ship and more will come.


- Tilt or Touch to steer;
- Touch boost button to speed up;
- Touch missile button to attack;
- Touch shield button for defense;
- Finish in top 3 to unlock new race tracks;
- Earn cash to buy new spacecraft and powerful props.

Outer space racer, are you ready to go?

Android 2.2 и выше

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