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Лого Soccer Hero

Soccer Hero


Скриншот Soccer Hero №1Скриншот Soccer Hero №2Скриншот Soccer Hero №3Скриншот Soccer Hero №4

Soccer Hero - постройте свою историю и карьеру футболиста.

Experience the history and career of a football player from the pitch to large international cups and the world.
Impresses the agents, and coaches scaling the heights of success: playing in the best clubs, villas and bought supercars like a real football player!
Train and improve your skills to become the top scorer in the league! But careful not to be too selfish, you'll ruin your relationship with your companions.

Graphics Console, additive gameplay, impressive longevity, Soccer Hero is the game of football that was missing! Frequent updates.

This app allows you to make in-app purchases.

Control the ball with great precision aiming and hitting the ball with your fingers. No one swipe inaccurate! Finally, you can check out the cast and shooting accurately, more if you're good enough.

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.2 и выше

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