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Лого Sniffi



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Sniffi - забавный платформер на андроид с красивым оформлением.

After an escape and a crash landing on a strange planet Sniffi needs your help on this exciting and cute journey.

Run, jump and fly through four completely different worlds with over 100 levels! Edit the levels before each run, change the route, get obstacles out of the way and solve tricky puzzles. Run upside down, use your skills and shoot mean robots with Sniffis fireball-canon in the bonus levels. Can you master all the challenges? Recommended for all puzzle-fans with a bit of frustration tolerance.



- Changing the levels;
- Tricky puzzles;
- Skill challenges;
- Cute ACTION with small mini-EXPLOSIONS!!!
- 4 different worlds;
- 120 cool levels;
- Clues and help;
- Collectable pictures;
- Lovely crafted graphics;
- Pure joy!

Don't be afraid, you can tatoly beat the game as a normal person, but we don't take responsibility for side effects like foam swelling out of your mouth, uncontrollable aggression or destroyed smartphones.

No ads!
No in-app-purchases!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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