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Лого Sky Combat

Sky Combat


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Sky Combat - летаем на истрибителе и выполняем задания.

Sky Combat is an action game with fighter jet and target objects on ground and other flights in roaming in sky. Lucrative modes with stunning targets and graphics are there.

Play Sky Combat with simple flight controls and fire controls to attack the enemy and targets. Enjoy the game with Sky Combat with more in stock as:

1. Your own fighter jet that has flight control and fire control.
2. Different challenging modes with different levels within.
3. 3D environment that simulates the fighting arena full of furious fighter jets.
4. Classic tutorial to make you cushy with the game is there.
5. Canyon Conflict to war in valleys.
6. Thunder War to fight in odd weather.
7. Desert Rush that rushes you over the sand dues for war.
8. Winter Warfare to fly and fight in cold.
9. Night Combat to kill enemy in dark.

Get free Sky Combat, roam in sky, fight in sky with other jet and destroy the ground based targets. Stunning graphics and thrilling music is waiting for you.

Have your own fighting jet, download Sky Combat!!!

Android 2.3 и выше

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