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Лого Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm


Скриншот Shadow Realm №1Скриншот Shadow Realm №2Скриншот Shadow Realm №3Скриншот Shadow Realm №4

Shadow Realm - пройдите все испытания в мире демонов и монстров.

Enter a world of darkness where evil is about to prevail. Enter the Shadow Realm to slay monsters, demons and evil creatures! Choose your champion and fight for all that is good! Fight to your heart's content there is no energy or timers, just pure demon slaying epicness!

- Choose between multiple heroes each with their own unique skills and strategy.
- Over 200 unique enemies to kill;
- Over 50 unique gears to collect and upgrade;
- Over 70+ stages to complete;
- Does not need an online connection;
- Beautiful 2d graphics;
- Take any two heroes to battle.

Prepare yourself to play the most addicting action adventure game of 2015! The best part is that it's FREE!

Android 2.2 и выше

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