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Лого RTS - Rex Tribal Society

RTS - Rex Tribal Society


Скриншот RTS - Rex Tribal Society №1Скриншот RTS - Rex Tribal Society №2Скриншот RTS - Rex Tribal Society №3Скриншот RTS - Rex Tribal Society №4

RTS - Rex Tribal Society - много- пользовательская онлайн стратегия, построенная на идеи совместной жизни людей и динозавров.

Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy game, based on the idea that men and dinosaurs lived together.

Throughout the period of expansion of the earth, extreme conditions devastated most living beings, but some natural sanctuaries survived, giving rise to new ecosystems with new hunter and preys. Millions of years have passed and life is spreading over the land once more, with the blessing of the creator, your people must surpass all others, and populate the planet once again. Survival of the fittest, faith or honor, be the first to conquer and overcome your enemies in this fantastic new world.


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Android 4.0 и выше

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