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Лого Reality Fights

Reality Fights


Скриншот Reality Fights №1Скриншот Reality Fights №2Скриншот Reality Fights №3Скриншот Reality Fights №4

Reality Fights - хороший файтинг на андроид.

Reality Fights is a casual Arcade Fighting game based on the Augmented Reality platform technology. Choose your camera angel and your viewing distance by simply moving your device around the printed marker image.

Reality Fights consists of 8 different scenes; each with its unique fighters and themed elements. You will see the character on top of your playing ground and also you can look up and down using your device as this game utilizes the extended tracking feature of Augmented Reality.

Included scenes are: Street Fight, Future Fight, Toon Trouble, UnityChan, Under the Storm, Predator Attack and Village. All scenes are unlocked and can be played from the main menu screen.

Android 2.2 и выше

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