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Лого Real Skateboard (3D)

Real Skateboard (3D)


Скриншот Real Skateboard (3D) №1Скриншот Real Skateboard (3D) №2Скриншот Real Skateboard (3D) №3Скриншот Real Skateboard (3D) №4

Real Skateboard (3D) - хороший раннер на андроид.

Real 3D skateboarding is a true master of the game slide.
This is a skateboarding game, show your skill and speed skate climax test, four levels of the game, you will need to avoid obstacles all the way, constantly quickly get gold, get nitrogen acceleration and physical walls.

- SURF with your extreme skateboard with awesome tricks.
- JUMP off danger ramps, touch twice to make double jump.
- PICK coins to earn a second chance and unlock new skater boy and skater girl.
- SMOOTH and responsible control, one-touch gameplay.
- GAME SPEED increase while playing to give more enjoyment for you.

Android 2.3 и выше

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