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Лого Pocket Road Trip

Pocket Road Trip


Скриншот Pocket Road Trip №1Скриншот Pocket Road Trip №2Скриншот Pocket Road Trip №3Скриншот Pocket Road Trip №4

Pocket Road Trip - игра на андроид от создателей Pocket Mine и Extreme Road Trip.

Your gas pedal is stuck yet again! Go insanely fast, do crazy stunts and win cool cars! Build an amazing car collection, customize your rides, and compete against your friends and the world!

* Simple pick up and go gameplay;
* Race insanely fast cars;
* Do back flips, slams, wheelies and other crazy stunts!
* Collect, fuse, upgrade and boost cool cars!
* Compete in thrilling events against players around the world;
* Collect 80+ cars - trucks, muscles cars, street rides, dragsters and more!
* Customize your rides with wicked engines, spoilers and decals;
* Compete with friends for the best high score;
* Listen to catchy music ;
* Show off on Google Play Leaderboards.


Android 2.3.3 и выше

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