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Лого Pixelo



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Pixelo - логическая игра, в которой мы будем разгадывать логические кроссворды.

Pixelo is a simple logic puzzle game commonly known as Picross or Pic-a-Pix.
The main goal of Pixelo is to fill out pixels with given clues.



- Support for both mobile and tablet PC;
- Over 500 puzzles;
- Daily puzzles;
- Over 100 badges and prizes which upgrade your abilities and results;
- Many options for your solving style;
- Customize puzzle environment;
* Background color;
* Background animation;
* Pixel type;
* Background music;
- Supports puzzle sizes from 5x5 to 20x20;
- Supports two type of controls: virtual pad or finger;
- Auto save;
- Statistics for your records;
- Supports google play;
* XP rank;
* Daily records.

New features, more themes, badges and prizes will be added in the next major update.

Android 2.3 и выше

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