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Лого My Unturned

My Unturned


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My Unturned - отличный микс экшена и игры на выживание.

My Unturned - is a mix of action and survival game.

Here you can create your own things move on cars to play in cooperative mode with friends.

Players should look for supplies, build fortifications, and also have the opportunity to shoot not only a zombie, but also other players.




✔ Multiplayer, Single player, co-operative mode;
✔ Large open world;
✔ Craft and inventory system;
✔ Many weapons;
✔ Survival;
✔ Day and night (watch out for the night, use the day for isssledovany);
✔ Excellent graphics and audio support;
✔ Automobile.

Android 2.3 и выше

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