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Лого Mob Taxi Pro

Mob Taxi Pro


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Mob Taxi Pro - Вам дали задание возить босса гангстера преступности по городу.

You have been given the job to drive a mobster crime boss around the city while he takes on the police. Its an offer you cannot refuse. Be careful - he's a little crazy. The goal is to race around the city without getting stopped by the cops. All in super fun 3D graphics and Taxi driving gameplay.


Mobster Taxi Training - you gotta get some driving skills first;

Truck Thief - steal some boxes from a truck;

Rob a Bank - you gotta get the money, watch out for the police;

Pay your debts - this crazy taxi driver owes some money;

Revenge - time for some payback;

Escape from the City - you are a wanted criminal, get outta the city.

-Race the Taxi through a realistic city environment;
-Come across other cars and objects;
-Watch out for those police, they will chase you.

Don't wait any longer, come and give Mob Taxi a try. Its a fun 3D racing experience.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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