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Лого Man Of Soccer

Man Of Soccer


Скриншот Man Of Soccer №1Скриншот Man Of Soccer №2Скриншот Man Of Soccer №3Скриншот Man Of Soccer №4

Man Of Soccer - необычный футбол на андроид.

This is not a normal soccer!
Brand new 3D match soccer with using magic skills!

Just spend 1 minute to learn how to play! Shoot, magic attack, tackle, dash, and jump skill!

15 different countries with LEGO style characters in 3D form!
You will not able to stop to play once you start matches with smart AI.

Arcade, friendly match, tournament, survial, and more modes are prepared and waiting you.



Upgrade and train your characters and skills for victory.

• Characteristic and excellent graphic quality of TamCompany;
• Realistic movements and actions by using physics engine;
• Various costumes of each countries;
• You can decorate your characters with the GEM that can be acquired from victory;
• Coordinate your characters by changing face, gloves, uniform, and shoes.

Android 2.3 и выше

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