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Лого Magic Tower Story

Magic Tower Story


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Magic Tower Story - игра из жанра РПГ в стиле "tap-to-fight".

Magic Tower Story: The Origin of the Magic Ring
It's a Classic Magic Tower based, brand new fingers tap-to-fight role-playing game.

* Untraditional Game Mode;
* Open the Three-Color Gate of Classic Magic Tower;
* Brand new fingers tap-to-fight;
* Enhanced Interaction;
* Beautiful Interfaces;
* A Variety of Systems And Levels;
* With Classic Magic Tower level designs, brings bore challenges to the players.

Nothing trifle and boring in this RPG adventure game.
Telling you how The Prince fights for the truth.

The Origin of the Magic Ring: on the day the prince became the king, why the Dragons suddenly appear?
Why more and more Humans died later?
What does the stolen Magic Dragon Ring indicating?
What happened between the Human and the Dragons?
How strong are the Six Gigantic Dragons?
Will the Prince successfully fight through all of this and find out the truth?

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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