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Лого Light Duel

Light Duel


Скриншот Light Duel №1Скриншот Light Duel №2Скриншот Light Duel №3Скриншот Light Duel №4

Light Duel - аркадная игра, которая помаксимуму проверит Ваши рефлексы.

Light Duel is a game that will test your reflexes against either a friend or a computer. You think you're fast? Give Light Duel a try!

Your goal is to prevent explosive crystals from hitting your base. The crystals are hit back and fourth by players on either side of the board. Your goal is to hit any crystals coming your way towards the other player.

When you fire your laser, the furthest you can shoot is the middle of the field. Wait for crystals to be on your side of the field before shooting.



Every time you fire a laser, you will need to wait for the laser to cooldown before you can shoot again. The further you shoot, the longer you will have to wait for the laser to cooldown. This means you should NOT button mash or shoot your laser randomly; you won't hit very many things if you do.

Both single player and two player modes available! Play on the same iPad/iPhone. Test your reaction speed against your friends or against the computer!

Android 4.1 и выше

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