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LEVEL - головоломка-платформер на андроид с изюминкой.

LEVEL is a puzzle-platformer with a twist. Designed specifically for the Sony Tablet P, LEVEL takes specific advantage of the two screen layout. The trick is that the vertical levels of the game move individually. If the player is on the top level / screen, the bottom level remains static as the top scrolls to follow the player (and vice versa) In order to collect items and move through the map, the player must align the levels correctly, lining up jump-tubes, circuits, doors, etc. As more different mechanics are added, maps become more and more complex, requiring more time and thought to solve. It starts easy, and then things get interesting.

The core gameplay directly reflects the dual screen layout. The screens are separate, so much so that they behave as individual environment pieces. Using them together to solve puzzles feels very native, the perfect Sony Tablet P use-case.

Android 2.2 и выше

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