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Лого Laserbreak Laser Puzzle

Laserbreak Laser Puzzle


Скриншот Laserbreak Laser Puzzle №1Скриншот Laserbreak Laser Puzzle №2Скриншот Laserbreak Laser Puzzle №3

Laserbreak Laser Puzzle - отличная логическая игрушка, в которой Вы будете управлять лучем лазера.

A Highly Addictive, Challenging and Seriously Fun Experience that is captivating gamers around the globe.

Laserbreak is the most exciting and unique new puzzle game to hit the Android market.

Use the many awesome objects including TNT, balls, wormholes, elevators and more to direct your laser beam at the target. Smash, burn and blast your way to victory. The possibilities are endless!

Laser break features many amazing levels ranging from simple to incredibly challenging.




• Up to 30 Free amazing levels to keep you entertained for hours, with 30 more through IAP.
• Hidden bonuses;
• Earn coins that can be used partially towards unlocking more level packs (maximum 30 levels achievable without purchase);
• 10+ awesome objects to use as you please;
• Simple to learn, challenging to conquer;
• Stunning HD graphics;
• No ads!
• Impress your friends by finishing first;
• Many more level packs coming soon!

Android 2.2 и выше

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