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Лого Kyport Portals / Dimensions

Kyport Portals / Dimensions


Скриншот Kyport Portals / Dimensions №1Скриншот Kyport Portals / Dimensions №2Скриншот Kyport Portals / Dimensions №3Скриншот Kyport Portals / Dimensions №4

Kyport Portals / Dimensions - отличная логическая игрушка для андроид - устройств.

Kyport is a science fiction platform game 2.5D where you will help to restore the balance of the universe and their dimensions by collecting green matter. You will be able to create portals on flat surfaces, allowing instant travel and a physical connection between 2 or more points in a three dimensional space and also opening portal to parallel dimensions while you are looking for the best and fastest way to gather all the green matter in each dimension.

• Get all green matter using a minimum number of portals and in the shortest time possible.
• Puzzles obstacles based on simulation of physics.
• Finish each dimension with the fastest time possible to move up in the rankings.
• Moves objects, evade laser traps.
• Great revolutionary scenarios with light effects.
• Parallel dimensions where you will put your logic to the limit.
• 20 dimensions, and more in future updates!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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