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Лого Jump Jump Ninja

Jump Jump Ninja


Скриншот Jump Jump Ninja №1Скриншот Jump Jump Ninja №2Скриншот Jump Jump Ninja №3Скриншот Jump Jump Ninja №4

Jump Jump Ninja is a fantastic climbing game, vigorous Ninja jump as high as possible to get the highest score. Awesome ninja rise up and get through rope and other different barriers. Collect coins and boosters. Avoid fire-breathing dragon, arrow, stones, tree trunk, broken wall and other obstacles.


It is an exciting game with challenging mission. Simple but fun one touch arcade game. Magical boosters as diverse as shield for protecting ninja, magnet for attracting gold coins and red heart for extra life. ALSO gorgeous graphics and a variety of obstacles such as booms, arrow, catapult, chariot. The brave ninja avoid these obstacles and never stop to jump.

★★★★★Exciting Features★★★★★
★Simple but fun one touch arcade game.
★Very fast paced game with great graphics.
★Challenging mission and achievements.
★Brave ninja VS savage fire-breathing dragon.
★Awesome shields and magical boosters.
★Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking.
★Amazing graphics & characters


Android 2.3 и выше

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