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Лого iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith

iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith


Скриншот iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith №1Скриншот iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith №2Скриншот iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith №3

iBlacksmith - Idle Blacksmith - кузница, развитие которой зависит от количества тапов по экрану.

Have you ever imagined being a blacksmith?

Would you succeed in this mission? The iBlacksmith app will give you the chance to discover it!

You will be responsible for forging and enchanting your own weapons and armors besides producing various magic items such as rings, claws, robes and amulets. Keep your focus on the huge variety of items produced, increase the revenue and you will be able to get critical items that will bring rare and high performance items.

Moreover, acquiring the automation of the production process, you will see that your activities will progress without any intervention.

Finally, complete all the achievements, become the BILLIONAIRE BLACKSMITH and reach the TOP of the ranking! Good luck, Mr. blacksmith!

Android 3.0 и выше

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