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Лого House Of Heroes

House Of Heroes


Скриншот House Of Heroes №1Скриншот House Of Heroes №2Скриншот House Of Heroes №3Скриншот House Of Heroes №4

House Of Heroes - смесь стратегии, RPG, и ККИ. Прокачка и эволюционирование карт. ПВЕ и ПВП есть. Знакомые герои по вселенной варкрафт добавляют долю фана.

House of Heroes, a fun fast-paced Mobile Strategy Card Game, has finally arrived in Southeast Asia!

Collect powerful Heroes, assemble your Team, and embark on a Quest! Experience various exciting game modes such as PvP, PvE, and Tower Challenge. Team up with your friends or challenge them in a competitive play!




* Create personalized line-up from hundreds of beautifully crafted heroes and hundreds of items. Aim for the best!
* Excellent graphics and dazzling battle effects. With more than 200+ spells, you choose what you want!
* Awesome "GANK" feature coupled with hero spells that will totally blow your mind
* Team up with friends and find your own strategies to conquer more than 200 different stages!
* Compete in our exciting PvP arena. Defeat your rivals and obtain rare Items!
* Be the one to conquer various time-limited events. Become the champion amongst all! 

Android 3.0 и выше

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