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Лого GrimWar



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GrimWar - приключение для мобильных устройств, в котором Вы будете исследовать гигантскую башню и пытаться достичь вершины.

GrimWar is an action/adventure game for mobile devices. You explore a gigantic tower, trying to reach the top. Each floor brings a different event. You may have to make difficult choices, amass treasures, protect yourself from monsters, awaken ancient powers, avoid traps or do whatever it takes to survive. And the list goes on... Bon voyage !

Have you ever wonder how wizards get to live in those magnificent towers ?

Did they build them ? Did they magically create them ? Are they long-bearded squatters ? Maybe some are, but no. They stole them ! Well, sometimes, stealing does not work. That's when wizards called us to clean towers from their evil residents. And that's when YOU are sent to one of these... Good luck !

We are GrimWar, the best estate agency the magical world has ever known.



• The adaptation of the animated serie "GrimWar" we may create if the game is successful;
• Beautiful 2D;
• 9 towers to explore;
• Dozen of random events;
• More than 12 unique enemies ! (13, I think)
• Technical stuff : a lot of "fps" ! Should run on *old* devices :)
• Scoring, to determine who's the best explorer !

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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