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Лого Glory of Generals 2: ACE

Glory of Generals 2: ACE


Скриншот Glory of Generals 2: ACE №1Скриншот Glory of Generals 2: ACE №2Скриншот Glory of Generals 2: ACE №3Скриншот Glory of Generals 2: ACE №4

Командир! Новая война начинается прямо сейчас! Компания EASYTECH продолжает радовать нас одними из лучших военных стратегий на андроид.

- Command over 70 kinds of most advanced army, navy and airforce units.
- Each military unit has its own feature. Use them wisely and you will be invincible.
- Reform and upgrade your troops with components. Make them the ACE of the battlefield.
- Each generals has unique skills. Make full use of them according to war situation.
- Reasonable play of tactical cards will help you dominate the whole battle.
- Real and various terrains will influence the strategies. Capture enemy's stronghold to win the battle.

Campaign Mode
* Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America, North America, Central Asia, Antarctica, ALPHA-5, EPSILON-11.
* A.D.1975 - 2032, experience 9 war zones and 87 military missions.

Challenge Mode
* 5 modes of challenges to prove your commanding skills.
* Rescue, Hold, Breakout, Strike, Supply.

Quest Mode
* 25 expeditionary campaigns available. Deploy your units wisely.

PVP Mode
* 6 arenas with different player levels. You could fight with other commanders.
* Challenge other players to win extra awards.

Cloud Service
* Support uploading the game data to cloud server.

Android 4.0 и выше

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