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Лого Fruit Mania 2

Fruit Mania 2


Скриншот Fruit Mania 2 №1Скриншот Fruit Mania 2 №2Скриншот Fruit Mania 2 №3Скриншот Fruit Mania 2 №4

Fruit Mania 2 - увлекательная логическая игрушка на андроид.

Join millions all over the world enjoying Fruit Mania 2 completely FREE! It is full of love,In the little farm,you need to collect the fruits.Come on,join this fantastic adventure!Switch the adjacent fruits,Make 3 or more with the same type together to eliminate them.Collect cute crops mixed with fruits and flowers showed on the top to win the levels before you run out of moves.


1.The flowers can not be move,But eliminate the fruits around flowers and the flowers will grow up.When the flowers grow up,they can be collected.
2.The ice can only be removed by eliminate the fruit around.
TIPS:The props at the bottom,can help you win the game quickly.But it needs coins to use the props.Win one level but do not run out of the moves,you can collect coins.


1.Lovely UI and cool animation effects;
2.No complicated rules;
3.Powerful boosts;
4.Cute Crops - You’ll be addicted to them from the first hit;
5.Each level is well-designed.From easy to difficult.Amazing!

Android 2.2 и выше

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