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Лого Frequency - Full Version

Frequency - Full Version


Скриншот Frequency - Full Version №1Скриншот Frequency - Full Version №2Скриншот Frequency - Full Version №3Скриншот Frequency - Full Version №4

Frequency - Full Version - хардкорный таймкиллер с приятной графикой.

You play as a lone driver traveling in the heart of an audio signal... Travel literally in music and beware of exchange of rhythms That can be fatal! Avoid obstacles and let you carry by the rhythm, welcome to Frequency!

Full Version:

- New epic musics!
- An all-new Endless Mode "Fuel" where your fuel is important;
- Success menu to unlock new skins for ships;
- The ability to customize your ships;
- The constant updates (new music / game mode etc ...);
- No advertising!



Features :

- Unprecedented and surprising music That you will transit into the unknown...
- Test yourself in the "endless" mode That will offer you an endless challenge.
- A successful menu Allowing you to unlock --other rockets.
- A dedicated interface to customize your rockets!

Android 2.3 и выше

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