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Лого French Fly

French Fly


Скриншот French Fly №1Скриншот French Fly №2Скриншот French Fly №3Скриншот French Fly №4

French Fly - летите, избегая при этом попадающиеся на пути здания.

French Fly is neither a spider, nor a super hero. French Fly is just a French guy who likes to fly around buildings. Tap the screen to use your delicate ropes and hook to a building, tap again to hook to the next one. Be careful though, there are lots of obstacles around. Avoid all obstacles —or not— and score lots of points. Try to get as far as you can in each run and become the best French guy around.


- 3 difficulty levels;
- 3 play modes;
- 5 different obstacles and more coming soon;
- Soothing sounds and graphics.

Android 2.3 и выше

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