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Лого FL Racing Manager Pro

FL Racing Manager Pro


Скриншот FL Racing Manager Pro №1Скриншот FL Racing Manager Pro №2Скриншот FL Racing Manager Pro №3Скриншот FL Racing Manager Pro №4

FL Racing Manager Pro - хороший менеджер гоночной команды.

Take control of your own open wheeled racing team in the 2015 season in this exchanging racing management simulation.

* Manage your accounts, upgrade your car, invest in Research and Development;
* Driver transfers;
* Editor for Team and Driver names (Pro Only);
* Multiple seasons (Unlimited in Pro, 8 in Lite);
* Classic Seasons in Pro only - start in 2015 or 1993;
* Safety cars;
* Establish driver relationships;
* Driver life cycles, drivers will improve, peak and worsen throughout their career and eventually retire and be replaced by new drivers;
* Season results matrix;
* 5 race weather systems (Clear, Cloudy, Drizzle, Rain, Storm, Cyclone);
* Hard and Soft race tyre compounds;
* Long (20), Medium (10) or Short (6) races per Season;
* Exciting race model with overtaking and circuits that suit some teams better than others;
* Driver mistakes;
* Pit Stops;
* Aggression and Blocking driver orders;
* Save your game and resume later;
* Absolutely no 'Pay to win' game mechanics.

Android 3.0 и выше

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