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Лого Duty Driver Bus

Duty Driver Bus


Скриншот Duty Driver Bus №1Скриншот Duty Driver Bus №2Скриншот Duty Driver Bus №3Скриншот Duty Driver Bus №4

Duty Driver Bus - игра типа duty driver и duty driver taxi только с автобусами.

After many players of Duty Driver games wrote us that they want special Bus edition, we developed Duty Driver Bus. In this game you are a bus driver and you will be able to drive 10 different missions:
• Tour - drive bus in town;
• City line - point by point driving;
• Tourist - drive tourists to the mountains;
• Interstate - drive outside city;
• Football bus driver - drive football team to the game and avoid obstacles on the road;
• Parking - park my bus levels;
• School - drive children to school with school bus;
• Find a way - find a way on map to get to the finish point;
• Fog - drive in heavy fog conditions;
• Mirrors - drive backwards and park using side mirrors.

Android 2.0.1 и выше

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