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Лого DungeonUp



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DungeonUp - довольно неплохая игрушка на андроид.

DungeonUp is a dungeon crawler with mini-puzzles and procedurally generated levels.

You play a human knight who fights the way out of deep dungeon, by killing monsters and solving the map-based puzzles.

Most levels are randomly generated and you will never be bored of making choices again. This is a must have for rogue-like fans.




* 50+ levels in 5 zones with different monsters and theme;
* 10+ levels with secrets and plots;
* 40+ monsters, and some are with special abilities;
* In each zone there's a boss battle, requires you to fight with wisdom;
* 40+ unique items, and some are designed with puzzles;
* Oryx's 16-bit Fantasy Sprite Set;
* 3 difficulty levels, designed for both casual and hardcore players;
* Maze Mode for your coffee break;
* Explore more fun from tons of Player Maps.

Android 3.0 и выше

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