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Лого Doodle Adventures

Doodle Adventures


Скриншот Doodle Adventures №1Скриншот Doodle Adventures №2Скриншот Doodle Adventures №3Скриншот Doodle Adventures №4

Doodle Adventures - забавная рисованная логическая игра на андроид.

Help Dudol in his awesome quest to rebuild DoodleLand!
One day, all of a sudden, stuff in the Doodle Kingdom in DoodleLand started to disappaer.
It's up to Dudol, now, to rebuild everything!
In Doodle Adventures, you won't control Dudol: you control the level! Drag blocks and stuff with your finger on the scene to help your little friend to reach the end, avoiding obstacles and threats. You can use everything to reach the goal, even enemies itself! By going on, you'll encounter trickier and trickier levels, with more and more game mechanics, so get ready!



Have fun with 51 levels, with more on the way, collect secret coins, and if that's not enough, have fun with the level editor and share your levels via QR with your friend on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and all the rest!

Android 2.3 и выше

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