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Лого Defend your Dwelling!

Defend your Dwelling!


Скриншот Defend your Dwelling! №1Скриншот Defend your Dwelling! №2Скриншот Defend your Dwelling! №3Скриншот Defend your Dwelling! №4

Defend your Dwelling! - стратегия на андроид.

The good news is that you've been able to build the home of your dreams… The not so good news is that you accidentally built it in the middle of a vampire infested forest. Now, vampires and all of their creepy friends are out to destroy you and your home! But, if you can set up the right levels of defense, you can save your home and reclaim that forest for yourself!

* 10 levels - Defend your Dwelling in frightening forests, doomed deserts, horrid hills, and more!
* 4 towers - Powerful Silver-Pulse guns, Fearsome Fire-Bolts, Courageous Warriors and Masterful Crossbows will emulsify your enemies.
* Sunburns - Summon the power of the sun to beam down destructive bolts of rays.
* Neighbors - Hail your neighbors to help eradicate the creatures!
* 10-15 attack waves in each level.
* Hours of play.
* Magnificent music and sound effects!
* Three difficulty modes - Easy, Medium and Won't sleep for weeks....
* No Ads.

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.0.3 и выше

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