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Лого Into The Darkness

Into The Darkness


Скриншот Into The Darkness №1Скриншот Into The Darkness №2Скриншот Into The Darkness №3Скриншот Into The Darkness №4

Into The Darkness - приключенческая аркада на андроид.

You fell into hell. Hatcher numerous gates of hell to return to the bosom of the family go to the door of La reincarnation! To take advantage of something that can do just to get away, as well. Indeed, could get out of this hell?
Avoid the ghost controls a hero, you can not just move, you sacrifice on the altar to find a ghost with a key!
Constantly moving, then you find a special device that will help in the dark maze!
Bachimyeon the altar, the demons, have something good going on?

Android 4.0 и выше

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