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Лого Dark Worlds - Age of Wars

Dark Worlds - Age of Wars


Скриншот Dark Worlds - Age of Wars №1Скриншот Dark Worlds - Age of Wars №2Скриншот Dark Worlds - Age of Wars №3Скриншот Dark Worlds - Age of Wars №4

Dark Worlds - Age of Wars - Империя Гоблинов вторглась в наш Мир вместе со своей огромной армией и человечество оказалось в войне. Ваша задача - освободить земли от врагов и уничтожить их армию.

The Goblins Empire invaded our World with a massive army and the Human Reign is now at War! Your job is to wipe out these evil squadrons leading the Mystical Party!

Are you ready for the mission?

“Dark Worlds” is a complex strategy/simulation RPG game with a gameplay inspired by the classical exploration and combat games. Go around the Dark Worlds, battle enemies (use magical spells to attack and defend), find the energy Monoliths to restore and refit your party! There is a limited amount of time to kill all the enemies: will you be able to save our kingdom?

Some features:
* complex gameplay inspired by classical exploration/battle games;
* HD graphics;
* easy access to all commands to control your Party;
* detailed instructions;
* playable for everybody and anybody!
* Fun for all ages! A must for any fan of simulation/fantasy/role playing games!
* Premium game - no in app purchase roadblocks!

Android 4.0 и выше

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