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Лого Cut It!

Cut It!


Скриншот Cut It! №1Скриншот Cut It! №2Скриншот Cut It! №3Скриншот Cut It! №4

Cut It invites you to play through 50 levels of arcade goodness where you avoid cute enemies, collect awesome fashion patches and boost yourself with fun power-ups. Use your pair of scissors and try to reveal the fresh and cute Stardoll backgrounds on each level. Can you complete the game with all your stars intact?


- 50 sweet levels of gaming goodness;
- 20 exclusive Sunny Bunny accessories for you to unlock;
- 10 collectible fashion patches;
- 10 Stardoll backgrounds to uncover;
- Multiple control methods: tap, swipe or tilt;
- Send unlocked Sunny Bunny items to your Stardoll account via Stardoll Connect;
- Collect Cut It coins and upgrade your power-ups;
- Kawaii style cute graphics.

What are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!

Android 2.1 и выше

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