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Лого Cubix Challenge

Cubix Challenge


Скриншот Cubix Challenge №1Скриншот Cubix Challenge №2Скриншот Cubix Challenge №3Скриншот Cubix Challenge №4

Cubix Challenge - интересная логическая игра на андроид с кубиком.

Cubix Challenge is the new and addictive puzzle game from Thinkerton Games. The objective is to roll the cube so that the colored face lands on the matching tile. It starts out simple, but as new cube and tile types are introduced finding the correct solution becomes a real challenge! Starting with 100 levels with more to be added in free updates, you'll have hours of brain teasing fun! Rich and immersive graphics and sounds add to the experience. Added incentive with Achievements from Google Game Services!

A ranking system allows you to unlock later stages for even more of a challenge! A puzzle game for the whole family!



* 100 Puzzles with more to be added soon in free updates;
* Ranking system to unlock levels;
* More of a challenge added with Achievements from Google Game Services;
* Rich and sumptuous graphics and sound for ultimate immersion;
* A new mechanic every 10 levels keeps the game fresh!.

Do you dare take on the challenge?

Android 3.0 и выше

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