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Лого Cruise Ship Mission 3D

Cruise Ship Mission 3D


Скриншот Cruise Ship Mission 3D №1Скриншот Cruise Ship Mission 3D №2Скриншот Cruise Ship Mission 3D №3Скриншот Cruise Ship Mission 3D №4

Everyone has dreamt about having own cruise travel to relax amoung calm and mysterious ocean water. Cruise Ship Mission 3D is a great cruise ship simulator game where you can steer your ship in ocean environment! You will be at the helm of gorgeous cruise ship as a captain who has to control this big sea craft. Perform multiple tasks with this real ship simulator 3D and enjoy ocean waves!

HOW TO PLAY: cotrol ship with helm to turn right/left and buttons to go straight and to pull up. Сontour cay and other ships. Your aim is to run through to island and not to bump anything.

Cruise Ship Mission 3D FEATURES:
- a big beautiful ship to steer;
- real water physics;
- realistic controls - helm is included;
- stunning world environment.

Watch out for different water obstacles and cay and drive your ship safely with Cruise Ship Mission 3D!

Android 2.3 и выше

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