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Лого Cricket Player Manager

Cricket Player Manager


Скриншот Cricket Player Manager №1Скриншот Cricket Player Manager №2Скриншот Cricket Player Manager №3Скриншот Cricket Player Manager №4

Cricket Player Manager - отличная стратегическая игра для всех фанатов крикета, которые увлекаются спортивной статистикой.

You have been assigned the task of producing your country’s next cricket champion. As manager, your job is to guide a promising young cricketer from 2nd grade level all the way through to selection in the national cricket side. You will manage most aspects of the player’s career such as hiring support staff, negotiating contracts, setting training agenda and much more. Cricket Player Manager is a turn-based strategy game for all cricket fans who love sport statistics.


• Manage a young promising cricketer from 2nd grade through to selection in the national cricket team;
• Hire staff such as coaches, physiotherapists, performance analysts, and more;
• Play in domestic tours, international tours, and the Cricket World Cup;
• Plenty of cricket statistics and charts;
• Every cricket career is different – there are plenty of random events and player types;
• Negotiate contracts with different cricket clubs around the world;
• Manage sponsorship deals;
• Track your player’s cricket career history and awards;
• Buy/sell shares on the stock market and buy/sell property to become a high earning manager;
• Submit your player to the ‘online cricket records’ and compare statistics with players from around the world.

Android 1.6 и выше

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