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Лого Crazy Farmer

Crazy Farmer


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Crazy Farmer - забавные 3D гонки на андроид.

Exciting and funny 3D race – Crazy Farmer! A crazy driver hijacked a fruit truck from a farmer and now trying to escape! Your goal is to chase and catch the felon disturbing the peace. Drive and race through the city!

Control your car by tilting your device and using pedals on screen. Chase after the criminal and pick up dropped cargo (fruit). After all cargo has been collected, catch the criminal's mini-truck!

- Captivating dynamic chase - breathtaking speed feeling!
- Gorgeous 3D art - real fruits, real cars;
- Humorous plot - unique truck chasing experience;
- Applied physics - feel the powers work out on your car!

Have tons of fun with a new fun chaser - Farm Racing. It is a neverending captivating pursuit which will get you catching fruits and chasing that truck for long time. Get yourself a game that will suit all of your truck chasing abilities!

Android 2.3 и выше

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