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Лого Chronicles of Estrana I

Chronicles of Estrana I


Скриншот Chronicles of Estrana I №1Скриншот Chronicles of Estrana I №2Скриншот Chronicles of Estrana I №3

Chronicles of Estrana I - качественная аркада на андроид.

Welcome to Estrana, a vast land of adventures located in the confines of Atlas!

Explore its lands, and help Johan and his companions to confront the evil that threatens the entire world.

Learn the rules of the Game governing the world, and master its mysteries to discover the fate of the Ancient Gods and the Avatar.

Use your spells and your powers to honor the colors of your tribes, and defeat the demons who will try to stop you in your quest.



* 20 intense levels against deadly opponents in a game of reflexes and endurance;
* An original and breathtaking story, taking place in a coherent world;
* Original design and music.

Android 2.3 и выше

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