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Лого Chaotica Rune Puzzle

Chaotica Rune Puzzle


Скриншот Chaotica Rune Puzzle №1Скриншот Chaotica Rune Puzzle №2Скриншот Chaotica Rune Puzzle №3Скриншот Chaotica Rune Puzzle №4

Chaotica Rune Puzzle - замечательная логическая игрушка на андроид, которая проверит Вашу смекалку и позволит скоротать время.

A logic game which is excellent for improving your skills and brightening your time!

"Celtic reality is so harsh, that you can’t survive without magic! "
- Collect force runes and make ingenious combinations! Improve a comprehensive logical thinking in the new game of "Brick Shooter” genre!

What is the game about?
- Move runes so you can put them in a row of 3 and more.
- Collect bonus points for difficult combinations.
- Collected runes will give you energy.
- When all of the runes are collected you level up.



- Great graphics and animation;
- Charismatic characters: Beorling, Archer, Mage, and Bomber;
- Each one of the characters can cast spells;
- The game is a part of the compulsory curriculum in all schools of Kronberg!

Most important: It’s magical!

Welcome to the world of “Chaotica: rune puzzle” game!

Android 3.0 и выше

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