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Лого Cancell Ballscape

Cancell Ballscape


Скриншот Cancell Ballscape №1Скриншот Cancell Ballscape №2Скриншот Cancell Ballscape №3

Cancell Ballscape - необычная аркада на андроид.

In Cancell Ballscape, you move the bricks in order to keep the ball inside your screen as long as you can.
This new challenge is not for newbies : you have to work hard to survive even one minute.
How long will you keep the ball under your control ?
Requiring reflexes and high precision, Cancell Ballscape is a new kind of brick breaker with mobile bricks and open playground : no more paddle, you order the bricks. If you think this is easier, your far from the truth.

- Intense gameplay with no resting time.
- More than 30 modes : a true challenge for score addicts.
- Dexterity, speed and skills will be needed to face the challenge that awaits you.
- Easy to play but hard to master.
- Flat design inspired by retro games.
- Quick and short games, perfect to play in public transport.

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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