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Лого Bunker Constructor

Bunker Constructor


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Bunker Constructor - в этой игре Вы будете строить бункер, чтобы противостоять атакам врагов. Вас ожидает 45 уровней и 5 разных локаций.

In Bunker Constructor you build strong bunkers that protect against enemy attacks. You must build resilient bunkers through 45 levels and in 5 environments including desert, forest, beach, mountains and city ruins, because the next attack wave is already underway! You will know if your bunker is strong enough when the enemies attack with either their artillery, tanks or bombs.

Various materials are available to construct your bunkers, such as concrete, steel girders and armor protection. You need to use them skillfully and cost-effectively so you can build the perfect bunker. There are multiple solutions when constructing a bunker which you discover by combining the different components in numerous ways, and your budget is the only limit. Go wild with your creativity and ideas!

• 45 Levels;
• 5 Settings: desert, forest, beach, mountains, city ruins;
• Map showing unlocked worlds / levels;
• 3 building materials: concrete, steel girders, armor protection;
• Different difficulties: enemy artillery, tank attack, air attack;
• Medal system.

Android 2.3 и выше

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