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Лого Bridge ME

Bridge ME


Скриншот Bridge ME №1Скриншот Bridge ME №2Скриншот Bridge ME №3Скриншот Bridge ME №4

Оцените расстояние между холмами и стройте мосты, в этой непростой игре на андроид.

A simple and addictive arcade game. Let’s see if you have what it takes to conquer all 62 levels and send ME back home!

1. Estimate the distance between the hills.
2. Just hold to build and release to drop the bridge.
3. Keep crossing and help ME get back home.

1. A total of 62 levels that gets more challenging as you move through the levels.
2. 5 different special levels to be beaten. Get rewarded whenever you beat them.
3. Defeat your friends or prepared to be laughed by them.
4. Compete against your friends and the whole world in leaderboard.
5. Turn adv on or off of your own free will. However, we get upset if you turn it off. (However, we will be extremely grateful if you turned it on.)

The main character "ME" is on his way home. Unfortunately, he encounters some difficulties with the route he has chosen. Although he is an expert in bridge construction, his sense of distance is fairly poor. So, please assist him in crossing these hills to get him home.

Finish all 62 levels if you can!

Android 2.2 и выше

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