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Лого Blood Army

Blood Army


Скриншот Blood Army №1Скриншот Blood Army №2Скриншот Blood Army №3Скриншот Blood Army №4

World most popular unique military strategy game! Play it with thousands of player!
★ Military Strategy + Business Operation + Tower Defense! Easiness + Recreation ★
Lead your best troop to destroy all your enemies!


★ Play with thousands of players★
Say goodbye to single-player mode! Fight with other players online. Invade! Revenge! Grow stronger while looting your enemy! Become the warlord in Blood Army!
★New Assault Strategy★
Decide your troop size yourself. Rush the enemy or harass the opponent. It's up to you!
★Tower Defense Battle★
Numerous defensive formation for you to choose! Your defense level is not a guarantee. Set up your base perimeter carefully to trap and defeat all the invaders!
★ Soldiers have their own behavior★
Once you made a decision, they will launch assault on their own!


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